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Puff Count is a free application dedicated to help you quit vaping. The app keeps track of your puffs and nicotine intake to make quitting easier.

Vape Tracking

Every time you take a puff, tap the counter to keep track of your usage

Visualize your Usage Over Time

Puff Count tracks daily, weekly, and monthly usage with beautiful graphs so you can track your progress

Recognize Triggers

By tracking your vaping statistics and frequencies you can recognize triggers that may give you the urge to smoke

Set Goals

Puff Count makes it easy to quit! Set goals based on your daily puffs and motivate yourself to kick the habit for good


Track Your Puffs

No matter where you are in your vaping journey, Puff Count offers an intuitive tool that will help you better understand your usage.

Customize your Puff Count profile to match your goals and keep track of your stats. Start your unqiue journey to a vape free life.

Feature Integration
  • Puff Count Tracking
  • Nicotine Intake Tracking
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Stats
  • Set Reminders and Goals
  • Achieve Goals with Daily Limits
  • Profile Setup

Visualize your Progress Over Time

Puff Count keeps track of your usage statistics over a daily, weekly, and monthly time frame.

The usage monitor shows a dashboard and charts that show your progress over time, stats that track your habits, and friendly reminders that ensure you're making progress!





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